10 Free Blog Planners

I’m back! It was so nice to have a few weeks where I didn’t have to worry about keeping up with my blog. I could just focus on planning. I don’t exactly have a “schedule”, at least not yet, but I do have some posts planned so that I don’t have to stress to get something posted at least once every week. Please feel free to let me know if you have any ideas for posts, I need all the ideas I can get! Some weeks will have a theme, like next week the theme is Fathers, so every post I do for that week will have something to do with Fathers or Father’s Day. Some weeks I might post every day, but some weeks I might post only a couple days or every other day. It all depends on what I am doing that week and how many post ideas I have.

The whole reason I started this blog was to share all the things I love and to hopefully teach people something. I’m going to have lots of new kinds of posts about interior design, baking, cooking, photography and several of the other things I love.

With all the planning I’ve been doing, I’ve needed something to keep all of it organized. Blog planners have really helped. The only problem is, you can’t just pick one. There are things that I like from each one and things I don’t like so much, so I just picked several that I  liked, and put them all in a binder. That way I can switch out pages easily. Maybe someday I will make my own planner, once I figure out exactly what I need. These are some of my favorite FREE blog planners.

This Blog Post Checklist from Girl Loves Glam is awesome! I usually forget something when I am working on a post. I put it in a page protector so that I can reuse it instead of printing a bunch of them.

Free Weekly Blog Planner

I love the colors and the design of this one from Three Little Monkeys Studio! It’s so simple, but still so pretty. I love that it has the box for future post ideas!

This is a fun one from The Flourishing Abode. I like that it has lines to write on (I write much neater with lines).

I love this one from andCute.com! It’s so fun and bright, but it doesn’t have to much color, which is good if you want to print a lot of them.

This one from A Typical English Home has several great pages. I love the cheveron background!

This planner from Ashlee Proffitt is beautiful! So simple yet it has pretty much everything you need to plan your posts

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I love this one from Oh My! Handmade Goodness! I love the design and the layout!

This post planner from Gifts We Use is awesome! I love that it has a whole box for brainstorming! The only downside to this one is, that if you print a lot of them it uses up quite a bit of color ink, so I just print them in black and white

I think this planner from Barely Mommy is one of my favorites. It’s so easy to use and it looks really nice!

Another easy to use planner from My May Sunshine. One of the best things about this one is, it’s doesn’t use very much color ink, but you still have some color, which really makes it look even better!


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