DIY Bathroom and Shower Cleaner

I’m so sorry for not blogging for a while, but I’m back now and I have a recipe for DIY Bathroom and Shower Cleaner!


This couldn’t be any easier to make! There are only two ingredients in it, and it takes maybe 2 1/2 minutes to make. It got water spots off of the faucets in the bathtub and the bathroom sink that we could never get off with other cleaners. I don’t have before and after pictures, because we have been keeping up with cleaning the tubs and sinks with the house being up for sale, so you can’t tell a difference in pictures. I was afraid that it would smell to much like vinegar, but with the dish soap I used, I barely noticed it! I made 3 batches of it, one for each bathroom.



1 cup White Vinegar

1 cup Dawn Dish Soap (we used the Wal-Mart brand)


Put both ingredients in a microwave safe bowl or measuring cup


Microwave for 2 minutes, then pour into a spray bottle. It’s that easy and quick!


This works best on tubs and showers where it is easy to rinse off, but it also works well on sinks and counters, just don’t spray too much or it will be harder to get it all of the counter.

I hope everyone is doing well! It’s looking and finally feeling like spring here, and I love, love, love it!! Spring has to be my favorite season! It’s so beautiful! I’ve been crocheting a lot lately to build up stock, so that eventually I can do a craft show. We are still waiting for the house to sell. The waiting has been hard, but lately I have actually started to enjoy it. I love it here and if we don’t end up moving to Northwest, AR, that would be just fine with me! It feels like home here, even though I was born in Nebraska.





Have fun Spring Cleaning! Yes it can be enjoyable if you make it that way!

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