Florida Part 1

We had a great vacation, despite the fact that Anna spent a whole day in the hospital and my dad, Ryan, and Lydia got sick the day we were leaving. I love Florida and the beaches, I would probably live there if I could, My bedroom is decorated with beachy things, but I’m glad to be home. Traveling home with 3 sick people was kind of hard, they were so weak they could barely carry anything through the airport, Lydia could barely even stand. Thankfully in the Charlotte, NC airport they had shuttles, because that airport his huge, we had to go from one end to the other. It would have taken us forever to get to our gate. Here are some pictures from the trip. Since I have so many pictures I am going to break them up into a couple different posts.

IMG_0445 2Waiting for my dad to park, in the Little Rock airport

IMG_0463Watching them get the plane ready.



IMG_0471The window was pretty dirty, so it was hard to get a very good picture, for some reason my camera wanted to focus on the dirt.

IMG_0477Tired after walking all the way across the Charlotte airport.

IMG_0487Above the clouds.


IMG_0507Walking to the rental car area in the Orlando airport

IMG_0510Riding the tram (or whatever they are called) in the airport


IMG_0552She was a little excited 🙂

IMG_0565Our hotel


IMG_0583This is Discovery Cove (down the street from Sea World). It was so much fun! We swam with dolphins, went snorkeling, and floated down the lazy river that went through the aviary (that’s not even all there is there. Check out the website). It was a little chilly and it rained for some of the day, but that sure didn’t keep us from having fun.





IMG_0629The dolphin pool

IMG_0638Lydia’s sand dolphin

IMG_0671The Grand Reef (snorkeling area)


When we went to SeaWorld my camera was in our van, which was at the hospital with my mom and dad, so I didn’t get any pictures from there. At least my aunt got pictures, but I don’t have any of those right now. That’s all the pictures I have from Orlando, tomorrow I will post at least  some of the ones from Marco Island.



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