Pin Faves… and some news

Before I show you my pin faves for this week, I have some big news! We have been getting our house ready to sell. That’s why I have been pretty busy lately and haven’t been blog as often as I would like to. I probably won’t blog much for the next few days, we have a realtor coming this Thursday to look at the house, and we still have a few projects to finish. We’ve moved several times before, but all of us were little then, I barely even remember moving to Arkansas 11 years ago. We have lived in this house for about 9 or 10 years, it’s our home, and it’s hard to keep it as clean as it needs to be to sell it. So I’m sure I’ll be posting cleaning schedules and tips as I find them!

Now, for what this post is really about!

Chunky Bulky Button Crochet CowlI love this! wish I could could find the pattern, and the website it came from.

This makes my heart melt!Isn’t this just the cutest cat ever?!?! BuzzFeed

Ink Calendar - The ink is absorbed at an exact rate so that today's date will be colored. Pretty much the coolest calendar ever!This is such a cool calendar! Oscar Diaz

Cute!I love these colors together!  Home DIY Remodeling

I love these beds!If I ever have a beach house! House of Turquoise

Check out this organized crafting space!!!This is an awesome craft room/laundry room! Everything Etsy

Valentine Pillow ThrowI love this pillow, perfect for Valentines Day U Create


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