DIY Earring Holder

This weekend we started moving my craft space to a different room in our house (I’ll have pictures soon) and I wanted to make sure to organize it so that it will be easier to clean up. One of the projects I did, that took like 5 minutes to put together, is this Earring Holder.


I’ve seen several things like this on pinterest and thought it would be perfect, and it is! Eventually I want to get a bigger frame, but I just used what I had for now, and it works just fine.

All you need is

An empty picture frame

Yarn or Twine (you can use wire, but I’m not sure how you put it on.)

Hot glue gun


and earrings of course!

1. I found this frame in a closet and it was already empty, but if you have one that is not, just take out the glass and the backing.


2. Using a hot glue gun, glue the string to the back of the frame as straight as you can (I used yarn). Make sure to pull it tight, because the weight of the earrings will pull it down a little bit. Trim off any excess.


3. Put all your earrings on!


Come back tomorrow for 20 of my favorite free crochet patterns!

UPDATE: for wire put small nails in the back of the frame and wrap it around the nails.

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