Another use for Artificial Snow


Last year I went to Michaels after Christmas, and out front they had a bunch of Buffalo Snow on sale for 80% off (they are normally about $5). As I was looking at it I realized it looked just like stuffing that you would use for stuffed animals or dog beds, so I bought like 5 things of it and I still have some left. I got 5 more of them yesterday, and I’m planning on making new beds for the dogs. Dixie’s is going to need a lot of stuffing! Her kennel is huge! To get you inspired to use all that “stuffing” here are some things you could make with it!

Kuddler Dog BedI love the look of these dog beds! Wonder if it would be easy to make? (not sure where these are originally from)

Simply Cute Hippo Toy Crochet PatternSo cute, crochet hippo! Craftsy

DIY: floor pillows. These are awesome!DIY Floor pillow, this is awesome! Moda Bake Shop

Now get busy!

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