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It’s hard to find the time to blog right now, we are still cleaning and packing some stuff in the house, getting ready for vacation, and I’m making 35 sets of hand warmers that have to be done before we leave for Florida. I will blog when ever I can, but I haven’t even been making any crafts lately because we are so busy right now.

This is a really cute valentines card!  This, that, and everything inbetween

Organizing website, I think I can spend hours on this site!! A must "come back to"!I love this small space craft/office area IHeart Organizing

cuteSuper cute mason jar storage, we did something very similar to this in one of our bathrooms for toothbrushes. Storage and Glee

How to: paper heart garlandIt’s almost Valentine’s Day, this would be a simple and pretty cheap to make Ellinee

.These would be so cute for party decoration or a baby’s room! Thoughtfully Simple

dress patterns! :DCute dress tutorial FabnFree

Love this! So much wasted space in those giant cabinets.We totally need this under our bathroom sinks! IHeart Organizing

Homemade Bath Salts // Because you deserve them!I will try these sometime! Martha Stewart

Have a great week, I will post when I can!

Pin Faves… and some news

Before I show you my pin faves for this week, I have some big news! We have been getting our house ready to sell. That’s why I have been pretty busy lately and haven’t been blog as often as I would like to. I probably won’t blog much for the next few days, we have a realtor coming this Thursday to look at the house, and we still have a few projects to finish. We’ve moved several times before, but all of us were little then, I barely even remember moving to Arkansas 11 years ago. We have lived in this house for about 9 or 10 years, it’s our home, and it’s hard to keep it as clean as it needs to be to sell it. So I’m sure I’ll be posting cleaning schedules and tips as I find them!

Now, for what this post is really about!

Chunky Bulky Button Crochet CowlI love this! wish I could could find the pattern, and the website it came from.

This makes my heart melt!Isn’t this just the cutest cat ever?!?! BuzzFeed

Ink Calendar - The ink is absorbed at an exact rate so that today's date will be colored. Pretty much the coolest calendar ever!This is such a cool calendar! Oscar Diaz

Cute!I love these colors together!  Home DIY Remodeling

I love these beds!If I ever have a beach house! House of Turquoise

Check out this organized crafting space!!!This is an awesome craft room/laundry room! Everything Etsy

Valentine Pillow ThrowI love this pillow, perfect for Valentines Day U Create

Tutorial: Paper Flowers


My Aunt showed me how to make these when I was in Nebraska in August. They are really easy to make and super cute! They make the perfect embellishment for cards and scrapbooks.

You’ll need:

Flower punch (any size)

Paper Piercer


Paper (with white on the back)



1. Punch out 6 flowers, then crumple them up into little balls


2. Carefully unfold them, they can tear pretty easily


3. Stack them, starting with one with the white facing up, then the patterned or colored side up, etc.


4. Using the paper piercer poke it all the way through the flowers.


5. Then finish it with a brad



Perfect for Valentines cards!

20 of my Favorite Free Crochet Patterns

I love crocheting, out of all the crafts I do, I think it’s my favorite. I love being able to make something while watching TV or spending time with my family. These are only some of my favorite patterns, there are so many I can’t fit them all into one post, so here’s 20 to start with. Enjoy!

20 free crochet patterns

Faux Shearling Throw, love this! #redheartyarn1. Faux Shearling Throw. Red Heart

2. Easy Flower. Ravelry

3. Ombre Basket. Crochet in Color

Crochet giraffe free raverly pattern - how cute4. Giraffe. Ravelry

crochet afghan. colors. ripple pattern5. Ripple Blanket. Fave Crafts

Bow headband crochet pattern6. Bow Headband. People WebsBaby baseball hat7. Baby Baseball Hat. Crochet Today

Textured Crochet Throw #redheartyarn8. Textured Throw. Red Heart

9. Double Sided Baby Blanket. With a Grateful Prayer and Thankful Heart

Crochet Owl10. Crochet Owl Love the Bluebird

crochet bag pattern11. Market Tote Daisy Cottage Designs

Square Upon Square Throw  #redheartyarn12. Square upon Square Throw Red Heart

Free Crochet Pattern: Breezy Scarf 13. Breezy Scarf Lion Brand Yarn

DIY: crochet baby Converse (free pattern)14. Baby Converse Ravelry

Free Crochet Pattern...Pavement Infinity Scarf!15. Pavement Infinity Scarf Fiber Flux

crochet flower: really good pattern16. Crochet Flower 2 Crazy 4 Crafting

mug cozy17. Mug Cozy Finvara

18. Waffle Cone Slouchy Hat Ravelry

Free crochet pattern19. Shell Stitch Beanie The Dainty Daisy

Crochet coasters, rework of a vintage pattern (1893).20. Crochet Coasters Lulu Loves

I will be babysitting a lot this weekend, so I probably won’t be able to blog till Monday.

Enjoy your weekend!

DIY Earring Holder

This weekend we started moving my craft space to a different room in our house (I’ll have pictures soon) and I wanted to make sure to organize it so that it will be easier to clean up. One of the projects I did, that took like 5 minutes to put together, is this Earring Holder.


I’ve seen several things like this on pinterest and thought it would be perfect, and it is! Eventually I want to get a bigger frame, but I just used what I had for now, and it works just fine.

All you need is

An empty picture frame

Yarn or Twine (you can use wire, but I’m not sure how you put it on.)

Hot glue gun


and earrings of course!

1. I found this frame in a closet and it was already empty, but if you have one that is not, just take out the glass and the backing.


2. Using a hot glue gun, glue the string to the back of the frame as straight as you can (I used yarn). Make sure to pull it tight, because the weight of the earrings will pull it down a little bit. Trim off any excess.


3. Put all your earrings on!


Come back tomorrow for 20 of my favorite free crochet patterns!

UPDATE: for wire put small nails in the back of the frame and wrap it around the nails.

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