Paper Pumpkins.

Today I made these cute little paper pumpkins. They were really easy and didn’t take long to make.

Paper Pumpkins

106_0074                                                    Trace and cut 6 circles


106_0084                                        Then fold each of the circles in half

106_0086                 Glue one side of the circle to another circle (Does that make sense?)

106_0088                   It should look like this when you have glued all of the circles together.

106_0089                                            Cut the bottom straight across


106_0094Then you can add the stem. I forgot to take pictures of those and how I made them. I just kind of cut out the stem, I didn’t have a pattern for it. The curly part,  I wrapped around a pencil. Put a little glue on the ends of them and slide them between the circles.


I hope this make sense, I haven’t done tutorials before.

We were in Hot Springs most of yesterday so I didn’t get to my Pin Faves, so I will do it tomorrow.



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