This week I have 2 new things on etsy.

Red Heart Pocket Hand Warmers                     Red Heart Pocket Hand warmers, filled with Basmati Rice. $8.00

Happy Halloween Pumpkins Card                    Happy Halloween Pumpkins Card with matching envelope. $3.50

Oh and I finally found my camera cord, so here are some pictures I took today.

106_0123                                                Starting to look like fall Smile

106_0088-001                                           Anna and Lydia catching a lizard.


106_0090-001                         Anna Boo! She got her ears pierced Saturday, she was so brave!

106_0093-001                                                        A Beautiful day!

106_0105              She was looking at her lizard, it’s at the bottom of the picture, but it’s fuzzy


106_0106                                                        She’s too cute!

106_0107                      They cut down some trees down across the street from us today.

106_0128                                                        Pretty redish leaves


I hope you all had a good day too!



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