Happy Birthday Anna!

Yesterday was Anna’s 7th Birthday, I can’t believe she is 7 already. I can remember holding her in the hospital after she was born. I think she had a great birthday. Oh, and I was able to get my pictures onto my laptop104_0136                                                           Her presents



104_0154                       This is what happens when you tell her to smile, she looks scared.



104_0166                                     I think she was waiting for chicken Smile



104_0184                                                              Silly girl

104_0186                                   I don’t know what to say about this… hahaha




104_0198                                           Lydia drew everything on this card

104_0200                            This one is from Ryan, but he didn’t want his picture taken

104_0204                The fox hat and Minecraft card. She loves foxes and Minecraft right now

104_0205                                                                    Dixie

104_0209                                 The webkinz she has been wanting, from nana



104_0217                                         She was super excited about these

104_0223Minecraft cake. Ryan and Lydia made the little figures out of clay. Mama made the cake


   Today would have been our Grandma’s birthday, and September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month, which is what she died from a few years ago, so I made a teal bracelet to wear all month.

104_0093                                                 We miss her so much!


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