We got a new puppy!

Last week one of my dad’s coworkers asked if anybody wanted a great Dane puppy, and my dad about fell of his chair. Great Danes are Lydia’s favorite dogs. She has been wanting one for at least 2 years, but our parents said we would never get one because they get huge. She’s a rescue dog and she was malnourished. She’s about 3 months, but she’s still really small since she wasn’t fed well. One of her siblings is like 2 times her size. We brought her home Friday, and Lydia had no idea, she was at a friends house. She is such a sweet dog. Molly seems to like her pretty well, they chase each other around the dining room, Max on the other hand isn’t so sure. Oh well, he hides most of the day.


                                                                                    Anna waiting for the puppy Smile



                                                                                  She was licking my camera lense



                                                                                   Sitting on Anna’s foot


                                                                                 Molly meeting her for the first time


                                                                                       Lydia and her new puppy, Dixie

I have a video of when Lydia saw Dixie for the first time but it wasn’t working. She was so happy!

Enjoy your Monday!


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