We got a new puppy!

Last week one of my dad’s coworkers asked if anybody wanted a great Dane puppy, and my dad about fell of his chair. Great Danes are Lydia’s favorite dogs. She has been wanting one for at least 2 years, but our parents said we would never get one because they get huge. She’s a rescue dog and she was malnourished. She’s about 3 months, but she’s still really small since she wasn’t fed well. One of her siblings is like 2 times her size. We brought her home Friday, and Lydia had no idea, she was at a friends house. She is such a sweet dog. Molly seems to like her pretty well, they chase each other around the dining room, Max on the other hand isn’t so sure. Oh well, he hides most of the day.


                                                                                    Anna waiting for the puppy Smile



                                                                                  She was licking my camera lense



                                                                                   Sitting on Anna’s foot


                                                                                 Molly meeting her for the first time


                                                                                       Lydia and her new puppy, Dixie

I have a video of when Lydia saw Dixie for the first time but it wasn’t working. She was so happy!

Enjoy your Monday!

Reorganized Craft Space

Last night I was laying in bed and looked over at my craft space which was a mess and totally disorganized witch I hate. I love being organized and I love to organize, so my project for today was to totally reorganize my craft space… without spending any money. I actually did it, I didn’t spend a penny. I had to do it for free because I don’t have extra money right now, I haven’t been babysitting lately and I haven’t sold anything for a while. I had to get creative and use what I had.

102_0167102_0274                                                    Before                                             After

It looks and feels so much better. I am still trying to figure out how I can make some sort of sign with my business name on it for above the mirror. (by the way if this was only my craft space there probably wouldn’t be a mirror there, this is also where I get ready in the morning. I hope eventually I can have a craft room or at least a space that is only for my crafting)



                            Before                                                 After

This is all my polymer clay stuff. I bought one of the pink ones at Wal-Mart a year or two ago and like a week after that someone gave me the other, the white one I bought a couple months ago because I needed another one for my clay. Then like a week after that I found out that you shouldn’t store polymer clay in plastic containers O_O. Oh well, we had these mason jars that my mom bought at Wal-Mart a couple months ago, so I wrapped the clay in saran wrap, which for some reason is ok for storing polymer clay, and put it inside the jars. You can’t really see them up above, they are behind the jar with the sand in it. All my clay tools are in the white container with the jars, and the two clear containers next to it are for stuff that is baked or needs to be baked. I have cardstock paper in the green thing. (I don’t know what it’s called. Next to my jars is my soap making stuff, witch used to be on the other side.


That’s where all my books and notebooks were too. Now they are behind the doors under the bottom shelf.



This is what used to be under there, yeah not the best use of space.


This is the whole left shelf before. The buckets on the 2nd shelf had cords and knitting and crocheting stuff, and still do just on the other shelf.



The pink and brown tote has all my ribbon and bow making stuff, next to it is a puzzle Smile The tote on the bottom shelf has all my fabric in it.


This was the bottom of the left shelf , like the other side was kind of wasted space, but not anymore.


The top shelf has all of my make up, jewelry, and my curling iron and flat iron. On the bottom shelf is a tray with different kinds of paper, and beside that is just kind of miscellaneous sketch books and stuff.


I just cleaned up the middle part and I’m still trying to think of a way to put my business name above the mirror.


I also made a new cushion for the chair so it matches my bedroom better.


I forgot to take a before picture of the chair, but here is the old cushion. It didn’t match my beachy bedroom at all.


I put the pillow that I had made before with the same fabric on the back for more comfort.


So there’s my craft space it’s small, but it works. When I need to spread out more we have a 6 foot table that folds up, but for everyday stuff this works just fine. I hope you like it. If you have any ideas or thoughts let me know! I love hearing what other people think!