Etsy update

We have been busy today getting ready for family to come tomorrow, but I am working on putting some more stuff on my Etsy Shop. Hopefully I can get a few things on there. Here’s what I’m planning on putting on there.


                                                                           Beachy Striped Knit Washcloth


                                                                            Small Baby Security Blanket


                                                                      Homemade Rosemary Mint Soap Bar


                                                                             Blue and Green Jungle Bow

I might not get all of these up tonight, but I’ll try to get as many at least 1 or 2.


9 thoughts on “Etsy update

  1. hey abby…
    very nice items..especially the soap looks lovely! 🙂
    will be waiting for your next post..take your time;)


  2. oh and one more thing,
    I’m waiting for you to catalog the rest of the items in your store…wanna buy something for a friend preferably before June 17…:)


      1. oh Abby, please, don’t worry. just name a price..:) basically $1=Ringgit Malaysia 3
        it’s alright, i don’t much? 🙂

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