Easter Ideas

I thought I would share a few of my favorite Easter ideas. I’m going to try a few of these and post about them later.
No-Bake-Cookie-Nests-12                No bake Nests. I’m definitely making these. I love these cookies!
Peep smores                                                 Peep S’mores. Super cute!
Easter This would be a fun project and good Easter décor. It shows the real meaning of Easter
Paint chip eggs               Paint Chip Egg Garland  Cute and free Easter décor. I want to make these.
egg candles                                                Egg Candles. I love these!Yarn or embroidery floss eggsEmbroidery Floss Eggs. I’m definitely making these. You could even use yarn for them.
Easter cupcakes                                         Easter Cupcakes. These are so cute!
Chick bread                                    I love this, it’s so cute! It’s made out of bread.
cross dessert                                                    Easter Cross Cupcakes.
bunny napkins                                                              So cute!
I hope you all have a Happy Easter! Remember the real reason we celebrate Easter, because Jesus died and rose again.
cross                                           Happy Easter!


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