New Inventory

Here is some of what I have been working on this year. All of it is for sale, I am still working on prices, so just let me know if you want to buy something or have any questions on an item. I am working my etsy shop and it will be open soon!


                           Beachy Stripe Pillow


                                Crochet Pillow


                      Spring Circle Necklace Pendant


                        Blue Flower Necklace Pendant


                             Super Soft Baby Blanket

My inventory

Here is what I have made in the past year and a half. I haven’t set up my etsy shop yet but if you would like to buy something you can leave a comment or email me at I am looking for photographers who especially do babies, but also other ages. Leave a comment if you would like to know more about an item.033

                                                     Child’s Hat and Scarf


                                                  Baby Hat and Scarf


                            Granny Square Baby Blanket  (with or without flowers)


                                   Baby Girl Cocoon and Hat with flower


                                               Baby Boy Cocoon and Hat


                                                Baby Owl Cocoon


                                                     Child’s Hat Scarf


                                                         Baby Scarf


                                                     Baby Moose Hat


                                                           Baby Hat


                                             Super Soft Baby Blanket

Beginning My Adventure

My Kids, Fall 2011Hi, I’m Abby, Welcome to my blog! I’m new at blogging, but I do follow several other craft blogs, so I know a little bit about blogging but not much. Since this is my first post I’ll tell you a little bit about myself. Here it goes!

I’m 14 years old and absolutely love crafting. I love to do anything that I can make with my hands, like crocheting, sewing, scrapbooking, etc. I am trying to start a business so I can sell some of the stuff I make, but it’s harder than I thought. I can’t seem to come up with a name.

I’m homeschooled so that gives me more time to craft, write this blog, and start my business. I have loved being homeschooled because it has allowed me to do this and to be a nanny to 2 of the sweetest kids in the world. Plus I can take my school work with me where ever I go.

So join me on my crafting adventure, you can learn how to do lots of different crafts, more on blogging, and starting your own business with me.